Morada baagina (ಮೊರದ ಬಾಗಿನ)

The most important part of Swarna Gowri vratha or Gowri habba in Karnataka is giving away/distributing or sharing 2 or 5 pairs of Morada baagina to ladies.

‘Mora’ in kannada means a tray made out of bamboo or simply bamboo tray.. These tray pairs are washed and turmeric powder and kumkuma dots are smeared, dried and the below mentioned items are arranged, before giving it away to the ladies.

Nowadays this morada baagina or morada jothe is also given made out of decorative items/alankaara, plastic morada jothe, in large sized boxes, beautiful baskets etc.. Below I have provided the picture of traditional morada baagina that has been followed since ages.


This baagina consists of the items mostly that are used for cooking.. The significance is to share the provision items with near and dear ones as an integral(sacred) part of the festival celebration ritual..

Items to be arranged in the baagina :-

Raw rice – 2 cups
Toor daal or togari bele – 1 cup
Hesaru bele or moong dal – 1 cup
Uddina bele or urad dal – 1 cup
Kadale bele or bengal gram – 1 cup
Crystal or rock salt – 1/2 cup
Jaggery – 1 square
Betel leaves, betel nuts, blouse piece, glass bangles
Bale bicchole packet – 1 set ( Consists of items like small mirror,Kajal,small bangles, beads etc.. It is said that these items belongs to Goddess Gowri)
Bansi rava or small rava – 1 cup
Fruits, 1 coconut, Coins or money in the form of dakshiNe
Turmeric root, Cotton wicks/cotton garlands, Tamarind etc ( Optional in some households)
Turmeric and Kumkum packets
Apart from all these, sarees, deepa or lamps, gifts like fancy items are also given…

Once all the pooja rituals are complete, one can give the baagina first offering the baagina to Goddess Gowri , mother and to the ladies.. One can decorate the mora with various available kundan stones, glitter and color papers, acrylic paints etc… The same is done while distributing moras during weddings of Karnataka..


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