Harake Hanuma Temple(ಹರಕೆ ಹನುಮ ದೇವಸ್ಥಾನ), BengaLuru

Usually Saturdays and in some custom Tuesdays would be dedicated to Lord Hanuman.. Today being tuesday, I have put in information on a temple in bangalore called ‘harake hanuma devasthana’..

‘Harake’ in kannada means ‘vow’ or ‘sankalpa’ made before God in order to get the devotees wishes fulfilled…

There is a temple named ‘Harake Hanuma’ dedicated to Lord Hanuman or Anjaneya devaru in Bangalore…

Readers please do not confuse this with ‘Kaarya siddhi hanuman temple’ .. ‘Harake Hanuma temple’ is in ITI Layout and devotees in the layout and nearby areas throng to the temple and it is said that if a harake is done before God here, the wishes are sure to be fulfilled early… So if you visit any place nearby this temple make it a point to visit the temple and get the darshan of the Lord.. Lord Hanuman is also said to reduce the Ill-effects of Saade-saati or Shani-prabhaava..


Hanuma Paada


Naagara Kallu near the temple premises


Small Ganesha idol infront of the Navagrahas

Apart from the Hanuman diety, other dieties are the Navagrahas infront of which is a small Ganesha idol and behind the temple garbhagudi or sanctorum which is a small banquet hall where simple functions like namakaraNas, engagements, birthdays, seemanthas etc could be performed..

There are various kinds of sevas done here like veelyadele haara alankaara(this is a haara made using veelyadele or betel leaves like how we tie flowers to the thread in similar way), abhisheka, Kesari alankaara, Uddina vade alankaara and one could also donate as much as they can to the temple sevas.

Here goes the lyrics of a famous song ‘aakaasha bhoomigaLa‘ which describes the Almighty’s strength and might… Hope you like reading it..

Address :

Shree Harake Hanuma Devasthana
ITI Layout, Bengaluru-560085

Temple timings:
6-30 AM to 10-30 AM and
6 PM to 8-30 PM





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