Shodashopachaara (ಷೋಡಶೋಪಚಾರ ) pooja vidhana

In Hindu religion, we worship Gods/Goddesses in 16 steps called ‘Shodashopachaara’ means 16 steps of worship.. It is somewhat similar to welcoming the guests inside our homes..

Below have given steps in a simple manner … My father says that though the upachaaras(pooja steps) are performed to the diety, it is indirectly cleansing of our minds… 🙂  There are also other forms like panchopachaara and some people perform more than 16 steps as well… The 16 steps are as mentioned below for the benefit of all..

  • Dhyana (ಧ್ಯಾನ )– Meditate or think on God/Lord
  • Aavaahana (ಆವಾಹನ )– Invite the Lord.
  • Aasana (ಆಸನ )– Place to sit.
  • Arghya (ಅರ್ಘ್ಯ )– Giving water to wash hands
  • Paadya (ಪಾದ್ಯ)– Giving water to wash legs
  • Aachamana (ಆಚಮನ )– Giving water to drink.
  • Abhisheka(ಅಭಿಷೇಕ ) — Giving water for bath
  • Vastra (ವಸ್ತ್ರ)– Clothes to wear in the form of Gejje vastra/Alankaara gejje vastra
  • Aabharana(ಆಭರಣ ) — Ornaments to wear
  • Upaveetha (ಉಪವೀತ )– Janivaara to wear
  • Gandha & akshate (ಗಂಧ/ಅಕ್ಷತೆ )– To apply post bath made out of chandana and akshate made out of kumkuma and arishina(haridra or turmeric)
  • Pushpa (ಪುಷ್ಪ )– Flowers to decorate
  • Dhoopa (ಧೂಪ) — Incense sticks/agarbathis for good smell/aroma
  • Deepa (ದೀಪ )– Lighting diyas/lamps.
  • Neivedya & Tambula (ನೈವೇದ್ಯ /ತಾಂಬೂಲ )– Food to eat like fruits, cooked food, coconuts, panchaamrutha etc.. This is later distributed to all in the form of prasaada(ಪ್ರಸಾದ).
  • Prarthana or Namaskara and performing aarathi.(ಪ್ರಾರ್ಥನಾ /ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ /ಆರತಿ )

2 thoughts on “Shodashopachaara (ಷೋಡಶೋಪಚಾರ ) pooja vidhana

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