Useful Kitchen tips

Some useful kitchen tips that are tried and tested in my kitchen, hope it comes handy :-

[1] Adding a 1/4 tea spoon of table salt while frying onions( For seasoning any dish), brings good aroma of onions to the dish, along which fries onions faster to golden brown. Same tip holds good for tomatoes to make them mushy/sullen.

[2] For seasoning any dish with bengal gram( Kadale beLe) and urad dal(Uddina BeLe), by adding 1/4 tea spoon of turmeric ( or arishina ) the dals turn golden brown faster,but we need to be careful here by lowering the gas flame.

[3] We usually have issues while making any dish with green leafy vegetables or Soppu.. Many a times we have lots of soil coming along with soppu… So the tip is to soak the soppu/green leafy vegetables with a tea spoon of salt and pinch of turmeric for 2 hours and later washing it with clean water makes the leaves clean,removal of dirts and can easily chop for making dishes.

[4] Soak rice and toor dal( togari bele) 10-15 minutes before boiling them in pressure cooker, thereby decreasing the time taken for cooking the dishes especially when you are in a hurry… 🙂

[5] Sometimes we tend to find some small amount of pests in Kadale bele ( Bengal gram), so below are few tips:-

  • Once we buy the dals dry roast the dals to light golden brown which completely keeps the pests at bay..
  • If we forget to do so, and if by chance got it in large quantity we can freeze it for couple of days, bring to room temperature while using..

[6] My mother-in-law, dry roasts rawa and Vermicelli, cool it and use whenever she makes Rawa or Shavige Upma.. This is really helpful when u are in a hurry , also prevents pests.




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